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The WaterFord Reception Center
The WaterFord Reception  And Crown Catering Service

The WaterFord Reception And Crown Catering Service




Dear Customers,

         Crown Catering Service is pleased to inform you that we are now affiliated with Waterford Reception Center at Springfield and Fair Oaks to provide our customers the best and affordable prices to celebrate their events as affordable as possible. The services we are offering now includes the food and the Waterford Reception Banquet Hall, all for ONE price. As we are currently working on this to provide the complete information, we are listing the part of the information below to give our customers an idea of how the prices and services would be like. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to help you out.

Price List: Please call us or send us a message via e-mail for the price inquiry. Thank you!

Wedding Menu A
Wedding Menu B               

Wedding Menu C                                                          

Wedding Menu D 

***(Please click the Menu Links to see the full menu details)***
Thank You!

Please call us for any further details. The minimum order with hall MUST be atleast for 60 People. The maxium capacity for the hall is 850 people. For more Information, please kindly contact us at the information given below.

OFFICE: (540) 582-5540

CELL: (540) 207-9462

CELL: (703) 944-1848

CELL: (540) 760-7856



The menu prices have been based on 60 people or more. Tax and delivery charges may apply. If you have less than 100 people please call us for detail and we will be happy to assist you. We do have Live BBQ services available upon your request for extra charge.